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April 17, 2015 Revamped Textile Museum in DC Weaves Together Historic and Contemporary Fabrics [http://hyperallergic.com/199482/revamped-textile-museum-in-dc-weaves-together-historic-and-contemporary-fabrics/] by Aaron McIntosh WASHINGTON, DC — When you think of textiles in museums, you inevitably imagine old things: musty rooms, faded colors, grandiose tapestries or thread-bare fragments, and fussy, protective installations. Read More → [http://hyperallergic.com/199482/revamped-textile-museum-in-dc-weaves-together-historic-and-contemporary-fabrics/] I Visited the Tate (in Minecraft) [http://hyperallergic.com/197910/visiting-the-tate-in-minecraft/] The widely beloved open world video game of Minecraft will now offer a new activity for its players to explore: interactive artworks presented by the Tate, the third installment of which was just released last week. Read More → [http://hyperallergic.com/197910/visiting-the-tate-in-minecraft/] The Living, Small-Scale Portraits of Alice Neel [http://hyperallergic.com/199570/the-living-small-scale-portraits-of-alice-neel/] Like her paintings, Alice Neel's watercolors and drawings, now showing at David Zwirner, wobble and tilt out of proportion, only more so. Read More → [http://hyperallergic.com/199570/the-living-small-scale-portraits-of-alice-neel/] Sponsor 172015" > 172015" /> ["http://engine.nectarads.com/s/redirect/59784/0/2463/24516290?key=dana.mauriello@gmail.com<currentmonth] Advertise with Nectar Ads [http://nectarads.com] Turns Out Derrida Has Always Been Incomprehensible [http://hyperallergic.com/199062/turns-out-derrida-has-always-been-incomprehensible/] Not only did Derrida do poorly on his Shakespeare essay: he also went on flunk his university entrance exams, which he had to take three times. Read More → [http://hyperallergic.com/199062/turns-out-derrida-has-always-been-incomprehensible/] A Historic House Opens Its Doors to the Words of Edgar Allan Poe [http://hyperallergic.com/197072/a-historic-house-opens-its-doors-to-the-words-of-edgar-allen-poe/] An immersive theater experience based on the brooding writing of Edgar Allan Poe is reopening a historic Baltimore house that has been closed for a decade. Read More → [http://hyperallergic.com/197072/a-historic-house-opens-its-doors-to-the-words-of-edgar-allen-poe/] The Library of Congress Is Uploading 75 Years of Poetry and Literature Recordings [http://hyperallergic.com/199311/the-library-of-congress-is-uploading-75-years-of-poetry-and-literature-recordings/] Yesterday selections from the Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature at the Library of Congress became available to stream online for the first time. Read More → [http://hyperallergic.com/199311/the-library-of-congress-is-uploading-75-years-of-poetry-and-literature-recordings/] "Guns on the Table" by Rosebud Ben-Oni [http://hyperallergic.com/199529/guns-on-the-table-by-rosebud-ben-oni/] Our poetry editor, Joe Pan, has selected a poem by Rosebud Ben-Oni for his series [http://hyperallergic.com/tag/hyperallergic-poetry/] that brings original poetry to the screens of Hyperallergic readers. Read More → [http://hyperallergic.com/199529/guns-on-the-table-by-rosebud-ben-oni/] You received this email because you subscribed on [http://hyperallergic.com]. View this email in your browser http://hyperallergic.cmail2.com/t/y-e-iuqtjl-jydhiiput-p/ Prefer a Weekly Newsletter? Update subscription http://hyperallergic.updatemyprofile.com/y-iuqtjl-E189A3AC-jydhiiput-x | Unsubscribe http://hyperallergic.cmail2.com/t/y-u-iuqtjl-jydhiiput-m/ Hyperallergic [http://hyperallergic.com] 181 North 11th Street, Suite 302 Brooklyn, NY 11211